Dan Doctoroff, The Urbanist

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Nobody knows recovery and resilience better than Dan Doctoroff.

His role in the Bloomberg administration – and later as CEO of Bloomberg LP – set a standard in responding to catastrophic change. Post 9/11, Doctoroff’s contributions as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding are clearly visible in today’s vibrant downtown Manhattan. In that role and others, he’s made an immeasurable mark on New York’s urban landscape. And for the industry, he helped carve the path to a safer, smarter environment for investment and development, opening the door for some of the city’s most ambitious projects ever.

All this has set the stage for Dan’s most recent fight: with his own ALS diagnosis and the research innovation that his organization, Target ALS, works on everyday.

TRD and Dan Doctoroff for a conversation about his new book, ‘The Urbanist’, his role in NY’s most storied recovery, and what kind of resilience we should all strive towards for NY’s future.

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About Dan Doctoroff

Former CEO,  Bloomberg L.P, Former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding, and Founder & Chairman, Target ALS

Daniel L. Doctoroff stepped down as Chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs upon discovering that he had ALS in December 2021. With that diagnosis, his focus shifted to scaling his Target ALS foundation to pioneer new & collaborative approaches to ALS research. From 2008 - 2014, Dan was President and CEO of Bloomberg L.P., the leading provider of news and information to the global financial community.

Prior to joining Bloomberg L.P., Dan served as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development andRebuilding for the City of New York. With Mayor Bloomberg, he led the city’s dramatic economic resurgence after 9/11, spearheading the effort to reverse New York’s fiscal crisis through a comprehensive five-borough economic development strategy. His memoir, ‘Greater than Ever: New York’s Big Comeback’, chronicled his experience in City Hall - and was recently named by The Economist as one of the four essential books to read to understand New York.

Dan serves on the Boards of several of the companies created by Sidewalk Labs, the University of Chicago, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. Dan is a graduate of Harvard College and The Law School at the University of Chicago. A native of Michigan, Dan has lived in New York for the past 40 years with his wife Alisa. They have three children, all of whom are proud New Yorkers.