The Naftali Way: February 1, 2024

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Over 31 million square feet of global real estate doesn’t develop itself – it has Miki Naftali to thank. Naftali has led his group to acquire and develop properties valued today at over $15 billion.

Often credited with modern and respectful restorations around the world - including the Plaza Hotel here in NYC - he’s developed a track record for spotting unique opportunities and launching projects that raise the bar for creative development.

Join TRD and Miki Naftali for a conversation about the Naftali process, the global markets that have his attention, and what goes into walking the tightrope between modernity and classic luxury.

The Salon Series is sponsored by our friends at Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau.

About Miki Naftali

Chairman & CEO, Naftali Group

Miki Naftali is involved in high-end developments and key investment opportunities in North America, Asia, and Europe. As Chairman, CEO and Founder of the NAFTALI GROUP, Mr. Naftali has propelled the company into a leader in global real estate development.

The current $15 Billion portfolio includes luxury multi-family, condominium and institutional properties around the world. Here in NY, his $450 million restoration of the Plaza Hotel epitomizes Mr. Naftali’s ability to generate extraordinary returns through innovative deals and industry expertise.