Nick Bailey, The New Vanguard: June 6, 2024

At age 17, Nick Bailey started a property acquisition and management firm. At 23, he’d already purchased two commercial properties and flipped three houses. At 28 years old, Nick Bailey became a RE/MAX World Headquarters VP - and later became one of the youngest to ever hold the title of President and CEO at RE/MAX.

At RE/MAX, Bailey worked with more than 61,000 agents who did $340 billion in annual sales. In his first year at the helm, Bailey revamped the firm’s technology offerings for brokers and agents, and launched growth strategies focused on teams. His ‘next generation’ approach represents a changing of the guards in industry leadership that many large development and brokerage firms looked to for guidance.

Join TRD and Nick Bailey for a conversation about what’s next for the real estate wunderkind  - and what values and strategies he sees representing a new generation of industry leaders.

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About Nick Bailey

Former President & CEO, RE/MAX

For several years, Nick has been named as one of the top 25 most influential leaders in the real estate industry. He’s also been a licensed broker for over 26 years. Nick had a successful career with RE/MAX and other real estate companies in many leadership roles before being named President and CEO of RE/MAX in 2022.

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